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  1. Unfortunately i could not yet find a Statement from the "officials" towards this issue. I may have missed it, and would be glad if there was anyone who can throw me a stone in the right direction (i tried googling already 😜 )... It's not so much about a "yeah it will be fixed tomorrow" but more of a "yep we have noticed the issue and are working on finding / have found / have no clue yet where to find the issue". Just hoping for some information on what's happening on the staff side, in this context.. 🙂
  2. I was wondering if it is possible to just explode the Callsign-String by the Underlines "_", then check the data, if the Array defined by the First part of the CS-string (station ID) contains a Subdivision equal to the Second part (subdivision identifier) of the string, and if not, just show it as full-coverage? We are only talking about CTR-subdivision anyways, right, so this mechanism would only need to be triggered when the third part (station type identifier) of the callsign says "CTR"? but most probably i just miss something painfully obvious... 😄 just me thinking... 🙂 edit:
  3. Controlling in LSAS i can agree to both issues. But as far as i could reconstruct it, it has few to nothing to do with vATIS. 2) is proven to be serverside. As ES itself downloads the wrong METARS every once in a while. I didn't have this issue with either ES nor vATIS in the last few sessions. 1) *could* have partially to do with vATIS, but, again, i highly doubt it. Whenever vATIS stops working i fall back on ES ATIS. I can not say this for a 100% sure, but my observation is, that, whenever the vATIS wont voice-out, neither will ES ATIS. and it has most probably got to do with VATS
  4. Hello there. I like vATIS a lot. It's very flexible. There's two things, though, that i want to positively critizise: I was wondering if it is planned for vATIS to be able to use lower case letters (to not make the TTS-Voice shout all the time). And also, if there could be an option of any sort which allows to make numbers appear as numbers instead of text (1 instead of ONE, etc...,; the winds and visibility are all being inserted as text instead of a number, which is suboptimal)? Is this technically feasible with the current vATIS or completely out of scope? Best regards
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