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  1. I think that having a Restricted Aerodrome is a smart thought, as there is phraseology for military towers, that just aren't used in the civilian world. But too many endorsements can create confusion, and personally, I think the restricted tower course should be restricted to VSOAs. The Event Endorsement seems like too much, and personally if a Controller isn't trained to control events from day dot, there is something wrong. Controllers should be trained to the highest standard. Radio Controllers should just be Oceanic Controllers, in the way you just get the endorsement when getting an ocean
  2. G'day, I have been wondering if there is a way to get vStrips working for VATSYS other than having Euroscope Open and running VATSYS in Local Host Mode. Any replies would be appreciated! Thanks, Flynn Wright (1502406) 🙂
  3. GTI1471 was one of the WorldFlight teams, streaming the whole event!
  4. Found the Streamer! GTI147, nearly in the center in the scope! great pic tho
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