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  1. Like me, if you have come back after an absense you may have to re-activate your VATSIM acccount, this can be done here, https://my.vatsim.net/reactivate It can take up to 48hrs once its done!
  2. may of been a glitch, just ignoring them now! sorry but not sure wht happened there
  3. Hi Ross, Something new, was working yesterday fine, it would just ignore missing model aircraft but today it now disconnects me, could you advise what I'm doing wrong? Thanks,
  4. Really sorry guys, I contacted VATSIM, seems to of been an error form their side as I was not added to their list of pilots correctly, again, apologies for thinking it was an error from vpilot side!
  5. Hi Ross, Many thanks for checking, I've now re-installed the PC to get rid of all other possible previous verions fo flight sim, just have the new MSFS 2020, is there something else I need apart from MSFS and vpilot to make this work, still keep getting the same error when trying to connect.
  6. Its when I press connect this error comes up!
  7. Hi Mats, Thanks for quick reply, the password etc is copied as is direct from VATSIM, used to work in fsx with no issue but not here! Its not a password/CID issue
  8. Hi everyone, Trying to connect to VATSIM, have MSFS2020 but keeps coming up with error as follows, any help appreciated
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