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  1. I also still use it since I have a significant amount of money invested in it at this point and also it's just tried and true here as well. The machine I'm running it on is very much... on the edge when flight simming, that's for sure, and FSX works fine. Until the day I can afford major hardware upgrades it will surely stay FSX for me.
  2. I see your point and I most certainly see it if we're talking about a tow from one end of an international airport to another, but what if it's out of operational need. By the way, I do not know how the towing works exactly with the software that was mentioned and this is more of a broad question. Say I derped and taxied myself into a situation I cannot get out of under my own power or me and some other guy somehow unicom'd our way into a nose-to-nose, but I do have the ability to simulate a tug to get us out of it - is that a breach of CoC or would that fall under "part of a routine flig
  3. How is that situation different from a pushback, make it a long, complicated one?
  4. Maybe such a notice could never do any harm. One might argue it's a bit of a shame you have to do it, but pointing that out can really only lead to positive surprises and nib any argument in the bud should something not work out.
  5. Oh yeah pal, you dun did it now. I thought I was "into flight simming" before joining VATSIM. I was laughably wrong. So welcome aboard!
  6. That example is a little skewed, to make it fit a little better, you'd be serving your guests nothing. Or maybe an entrée and a dessert when you promised them a full meal - so they didn't eat any dinner, they show up hungry, now they have to stay pretty hungry until they get home. They planned around what you said you'd provide and then they didn't get it. And even though you're offering it for free, they'd be annoyed. Again, I wanna make sure you don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to defend any of the people in the examples that were quoted or anything, just trying to mediate a litt
  7. I work in bulk sale. We offer free stuff a lot - and that kind of thing happens all the time, I kid you not. Not one promotion like that where nobody gets pissed because they felt entitled. It is human nature apparently to weigh your own expectations over the logistics on the other side. That said, I do have at least some understanding for the pilots that get a little cranky. A flight like Brazil - Portugal takes what I would presume to be an increased amount of planning on the pilot's part (having no idea about or interest in oceanic crossings myself) and is quite a commitment for a hobb
  8. Certainly it's hard to disagree with your sentiment in general, but wherever humans communicate with one another, a degree of flexibility is needed in my opinion. Phraseology is absolutely a good thing, but if for whatever reason it cannot get a message across when deviating from it can, the better outcome must surely be the one where the message is recieved and understood rather than the one where the book was applied with utmost precision. Again, granted, that's not what you'd teach. But I'd argue it's a degree of flexibility you should be ready to show if the need arises.
  9. I use a very basic, inexpensive Thrustmaster and can recommend it. I would think the whole line of thrustmasters is probably gonna be viable. Oh and I have that paired with "the" Logitech/Saitek throttle quadrant and use the thrust lever on the stick as a steering tiller. It works much better as that than it does as a throttle lever. On a related note, I'll take that yoke if you're looking to get rid of it...
  10. This is apparently a somewhat common issue and probably not on your end, as voice ATIS has some issues from what I understand. I'm sure someone more knowledgable can explain. You can double click the ATIS in the list of available stations in vPilot and get it in text form, that's what I do pretty much all the time.
  11. Spot on. It's baptism by flyer. Come a few weeks, you'll be the one doing the giggling.
  12. But do consider that I'm strong. No-one can tell me I'm wrong. Searching my heart for so long. Both of us knowing: We're making a travesty of this poor thread.
  13. I'm happy to hear that that scanned with you. Have some nice flights and always three greens!
  14. Infuriatingly slow almost. The Backstreet Boys' "Rock your Body" comes along at 100 beats per minute, for some reference. You'd be saying one word per beat in that song, which coincidentally is exactly what happens in the actual song at the part we all know and love: "Back Street's back, alright!" You also have that song stuck in your heads for the rest of the day now and I'm not sorry at all.
  15. You're gonna stop feeling like such a beginner much more quickly than you might think right now, take my word for it. VATSIM is one of the most welcoming communities I have ever encountered, and that's even though the actual simulation that we're all here for is both challenging and requires high levels of performance by everyone involved. Anyone who's not into flight simming is actually missing out on what is in my opinion one of the outstanding communities out there. As for the radio effect, if you're using vPilot as your client, you can turn it off in the audio settings. Probably can d
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