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  1. Certainly it's hard to disagree with your sentiment in general, but wherever humans communicate with one another, a degree of flexibility is needed in my opinion. Phraseology is absolutely a good thing, but if for whatever reason it cannot get a message across when deviating from it can, the better outcome must surely be the one where the message is recieved and understood rather than the one where the book was applied with utmost precision. Again, granted, that's not what you'd teach. But I'd argue it's a degree of flexibility you should be ready to show if the need arises.
  2. I use a very basic, inexpensive Thrustmaster and can recommend it. I would think the whole line of thrustmasters is probably gonna be viable. Oh and I have that paired with "the" Logitech/Saitek throttle quadrant and use the thrust lever on the stick as a steering tiller. It works much better as that than it does as a throttle lever. On a related note, I'll take that yoke if you're looking to get rid of it...
  3. This is apparently a somewhat common issue and probably not on your end, as voice ATIS has some issues from what I understand. I'm sure someone more knowledgable can explain. You can double click the ATIS in the list of available stations in vPilot and get it in text form, that's what I do pretty much all the time.
  4. Spot on. It's baptism by flyer. Come a few weeks, you'll be the one doing the giggling.
  5. But do consider that I'm strong. No-one can tell me I'm wrong. Searching my heart for so long. Both of us knowing: We're making a travesty of this poor thread.
  6. I'm happy to hear that that scanned with you. Have some nice flights and always three greens!
  7. Infuriatingly slow almost. The Backstreet Boys' "Rock your Body" comes along at 100 beats per minute, for some reference. You'd be saying one word per beat in that song, which coincidentally is exactly what happens in the actual song at the part we all know and love: "Back Street's back, alright!" You also have that song stuck in your heads for the rest of the day now and I'm not sorry at all.
  8. You're gonna stop feeling like such a beginner much more quickly than you might think right now, take my word for it. VATSIM is one of the most welcoming communities I have ever encountered, and that's even though the actual simulation that we're all here for is both challenging and requires high levels of performance by everyone involved. Anyone who's not into flight simming is actually missing out on what is in my opinion one of the outstanding communities out there. As for the radio effect, if you're using vPilot as your client, you can turn it off in the audio settings. Probably can d
  9. Yup, that's just what it is. It's used in shared cockpit configs where one of the two pilots connects as an observer so he doesn't show up as a target on the radar screen, causing constant proximity alarms with his other pilot. It's simply an invisibility switch.
  10. Very sorry to veer off topic here but I just have to pitch in my agreement on this. This is one of the very egregious examples, nevermind the fact that it's often made nice and difficult to know these kinds of limitations before buying so that hopefully you'd go "Ah well, I'll just churn out another 20 bucks for the Pro version to recieve a working product". I haven't been around this hobby for nearly as long as some of you guys, but one of the first experiences you make when buying software for flight simulation is how very easy it is to get straight up scammed with stuff like that. Sadly the
  11. I'm not 100% in my recollection of what I did, I do believe I did it the same way as you but there's a good chance as well that I didn't in fact enter the DEP/ARR. No controller ever approached me while I was observing but then again, I didn't spend a ton of time doing it either. I guess the controller in your case already gave the answer to the question what difference it makes: If you fill the fields out, you show up as a departure. And if it's a VFR plan with the same departure and destination, I think it's reasonable that some controllers will think you might be planning to do some pa
  12. In my experience planning stuff all around Europe, SimBrief typically gets it right. It will throw out the SID and STAR for your personal reference in any case but it will send to filing whatever is appropriate locally. If I depart a German airport to arrive at Zurich for example, SimBrief will file the SID as required in Germany but will automatically not file the STAR, which Swiss control doesn't want you to. I don't think it's ever a good recommendation to just rely blindly on what SimBrief considers appropriate and it messes up occasionally indeed, but at least it's definitely aware o
  13. The correct input device has to be selected in your client's settings. Also make sure you don't have any programs running that might also try to gain microphone access, such as speech-to-text or Skype. Typically that doesn't matter, in some setups it can cause priority conflicts though.
  14. If in doubt, a "Tower, be advised..." never hurts anyone.
  15. FLAi installs a huge load of models and gives you a model matching list to load into your pilot client. Sorry, no idea if there's anything particular about Squawkbox in this context, but as far as installing the models and liveries, you don't have to do nothing yourself. FLAi is about as "install and forget" as you can get in flight sims.
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