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  1. Several people have reported issues in MSFS communicating via vPilot. I have been able to pin one of the bugs down (surprise, the bug is in MSFS!), replicate it consistently, and found a workaround. So far, I've only been able to do this on the A320NX, though I suspect it works the same in the default A320 shipped with the sim. First, by way of apology, I found this when I lost contact with ATC while on approach to KPDX. I apologize to everyone for that. I think I was gone for about 4 minutes, there was other traffic in the area, and it was not safe. But as you'll read below, I didn't kno
  2. Update, which might be moot, since I see vPilot updated this morning and the new version seems to disable model matching for msfs. But in case this is helpful to someone else, here's what I've learned. Last night I was able to complete my first Vatsim flight ever, from KEUG to KGAG, by going into performance and turning maximum aircraft to display to ZERO. There was other Vatsim traffic in the area, but I obviously couldn't see them because I'd turned them off. Next, I turned aircraft back to 999 and logged in parked at KSEA, because it was busy with other Vatsim pilots. MSFS crashe
  3. Frankly, I haven't paid much attention to who else is around. Since they are both early flights, I've specifically chosen to fly out of relatively unpopulated airports (CYLW and KGEG) so that any ignorance I display affects the least number of other users. I was flying towards KSEA and CYVR. It is entirely possible that I got within the standard 40 miles injection radius of another user, triggered model matching, and caused MSFS to crash. That's actually the possibility I'm troubleshooting. But I have 2 data points, which isn't enough to draw conclusions. For what it's worth, MSFS appears
  4. I'm brand new to this thread, Vatsim, and vPilot, but I've read the docs. And when I say new, I mean I've attempted two flights and MSFS has CTD partway through both of them. vPilot remains running and announces my simulator crashed. Total time in Vatsim is about 30 minutes. Yes, I'm running the MegaLiveries. No I do not have a custom VMR. Model matching is default rules. Among the things I don't understand is, when we're talking model matching causing a CTD, which program is crashing? MSFS? vPilot? Potentially either or both? Right now I'm less concerned with making sure other pilot
  5. Similar issue. Unfortunately, I'm new. I've had exactly 2 flights, and 2 CTDs roughly 10 minutes into them. Are others having similar issues? Does anyone have an idea whether the problem is with vPilot, MSFS 2020, or elsewhere? If technical details would provide assistance, I'm running latest Windows 10, MSFS 2020 (with all the data bells and whistles in case there's a conflict there), on a machine that can handle it: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-core, NVIDIA RTX 2070 SUPER, 64 Gb RAM, a couple Tb of platters, w/ MSFS stored on a 1 Tb SSD. I'm usually running LittleNavMap, the
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