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  1. Yes. This is what I mean, to file a waypoint where a SID ends (example first waypoint in flight plan: SANBA then euroscope tells us SANBA1R) but I often get pilots where they file a first waypoint where no Sid ends in any circumstance at their departure airport.
  2. Hello. I'm an S1 with VATUK and I've been recently seeing a lot of people who are new to vatsim not knowing how to properly file a flight plan. Now I don't mind if they've used an invalid SID or not filed via airways since they know how to fix their issues and once fixed they generally don't do it again. Usually, this is them filing a flight plan with a invalid altitude for direction and no route filed, an example I've seen is EGCC-EGLL, FL300, no route. I always ask people to refile with a route but a lot of the time they don't know how to do this, I then link them to simbrief to find a valid
  3. Thanks very much to all controllers that participated in todays event. Although my sim crashed midway, the event was very well organised and delays were minimum, I had no queue on departure from Kennedy and everything was very well handled. I do think the event slots system works on a traffic level but also think there should be some more opportunity for non event traffic to fly since CTP is one of the biggest events. The natTrak tool and SELCAL worked well for departure. Cheers for all the hard work today and I hope to fly westbound 2021!
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