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  1. Questions and concerns: 8.06(a): What does the GCAP consider a "trend"? Why does the division or region need to authorize such controlling privledges being revoked (Certs being pulled because lack of currency) if the division staff (those with VATXXX#'s) aren't the ones on the scopes with said controller operating under an Instructor role? Obviously remedial training is required. Although, this scenario has happened multiple times within VATUSA alone and has had different outcomes: John smith is a visiting controller in ZDC (Washington D.C), and a home controller in ZSE (Seattle). John Sm
  2. Allie and others have the right idea here. An activity requirement should not be instituted/enforced network wide, and here's why: - Quality of Service will suffer. Anyone who thinks otherwise, is out of touch with the reality of this network. Let's say I get my minor approach certification today, I control my hour. Cool and dandy. I go away for 364 days. In the meantime, the airspace, its procedures, etc have changed. Nothing is stopping me from getting on that position and controlling it using the outdated knowledge of the airspace. Most likely, the pilots I control fly into ABCD airpo
  3. Fellow Enthusiasts,Fly High Virtual is a new Virtual Airline that was made FOR enthusiasts, by enthusiasts! We offer an exclusive user experience with our unique, in-depth, and interactive pilot center; guaranteed pilot satisfaction with over 70,000 routes flown by an extensive fleet thats operated by more than 20 US Airlines (AAL,AAY,ASA,ASH,ASQ,AWI,DAL,EDV,ENY,GJS,JBU,JIA,NKS,PDT,QXE,RPA,SKW,SWA,UAL,UCA) with more international and cargo operators on the way!Our mission is simple: To create a culture that is inclusive to all skill-levels within our community while offering an easy, unique, a
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