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  1. I know Audio for Vatsim has a way to use a stream deck with it, but i cant seem to get it to work. What's the secret or is it an old feature?
  2. I went to get a ATC position this morning, and AFV would not open. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the program. I got it to open and when I selected my Audio Devices (two separate, one microphone, one audio out) it gave me an unhandled exception and now it wont open back up unless I remove the program and install it to a different folder. Please help, I have an assist event tonight and am working a position!
  3. [SOLVED] the issue was not with the application, nor rhe drivers or the system, it was the application that i used to monitor my temperatures, MSI afterburner. I had an on screen display overlaying my temperatures and other information that i wanted to be seen on screen while vERAM was being run. After turning to on screen display off, vERAM worked just fine as well as VRC. Thanks for all your help!
  4. Any thing else you can think of that would not allow vERAM to work properly?
  5. Is there something that i NEED to have installed on my machine that vERAM communicates with my Drivers to allow it to spit out information correctly? My OpenGL rendering agent is fine (tested with FurMark) and everything is up to date and works fine. My VRC is also having the same issue which leads me to believe its something im missing on my machine.
  6. Is there anything we could try with the coding of vERAM to see if there is a fix?
  7. So my one question is, could it be something in the coding that windows does not like with my system?
  8. Unfortunately event with the older versions it still has the memory climb with a second "display" up
  9. Is there any way you could send me an older version of vERAM to see if maybe it is something in the new update that my computer does not like? Also I want to Clarify some things because i had to do it in the VATUSA discord as well. the issues start when i type .newdisplay into vERAM and that is when my memory usage starts to climb and ends up failing the program. if i have just one "display" up the program works just fine as advertised. All new "displays" are open on one of my monitors.
  10. here are the specific errors that it threw after the clean install of windows:
  11. So Ross, after a clean install of windows with reformatting my hard drive vERAM still has a tendency to have the memory usage climb during a low load. it climbs even faster then before the reset. i dont know what else to do.
  12. so a little bit of an update. i have concluded, when i have one display up, it seems as if the memory stays put and it does not seem like it will have any issues. Now, if I have more then one display open, it seems to leak my memory onto that new display. i dont know why it could be doing this. Any ideas?
  13. its speculation. i am working it with NVIDIA and will post results later
  14. 1.Go to NVIDIA control panel > 3 D settings > manage 3 D settings.2.Program settings > add the .exe file of the app2. Specify the settings for this program:> set the power management mode to prefer maximum performance> Low latency mode - Ultra• Triple buffering – off• Threaded optimization - ON• Vertical Sync – Off This is what NVIDA had sent me to try. this did not solve the issue. One Question I have was if vERAM is a 32bit application or a 64bit application. could this be the issue is that my PC does not like the 32bit part of v
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