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  1. Another new pilot here - I've managed one Vatsim take off from a relatively busy EGKK and flew unicom from there to EGTE - it's crazy but I was a bag of nerves throughout the process on the ground and this wasn't helped by having two airliners behind my TBM930 waiting to take off while I was lining up. I couldn't activate the AP in the flightdeck as I had the screen restored down so I could use SimToolkit and vPilot, instead of just pressing Z I got myself flustered making for one very ugly climb - although I still managed to maintain my SID routing It was still an unbelievably rewarding
  2. Thanks for that. I've just created my account on Vatsim and I'm completely new to flight sims - hopefully I'll be confident enough within a few weeks/months to give it a try I'm using the default TBM 930 on MSFS2020 and I love it - the FMC is pretty easy to use but I'm still soooo slow 😂 Most importantly I'm loving the experience and learning a new skill at 53 years old is a very enjoyable challenge - so much so that I'm getting a couple of flying lessons as a present for Christmas
  3. Thanks for the reply Yeah I was at Gatwick - I've reloaded everything - unplugged my headset then reinstalled everything and plugged the headset back in and it seems to be working fine now Just waiting to take my first tentative steps into the terrifying world of Vatsim now 😀
  4. It's almost certainly me that's the problem here but I can't get the audio to work, only text - I only want to lurk while I familiarise myself with Vatsim - see below - I get the static click from ATC when they're speaking but nothing else
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