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  1. FYI, this seems to be exclusive to the latest VPILOT release. I re-installed version 2.5.1 (only old version I had) and its working fine. Only when I reinstall 2.6.10 does it lock up
  2. Ive been flying online with vpilot for as long as its been out with no issues. However, I tried to connect tonight and when I do, my sim stops functioning. I connect ok, I can see the controllers online, but I have no sound from either vpilot and my plane sound stops. Also I can no longer click anything my cockpit no matter what plane I use. Any thoughts? I have no issues what so ever when I do not connect to vpilot.
  3. I think Im closing it right. Im not but I can be
  4. I have a triple monitor setup. Whenever I open VATSPY for the first time it works fine, until I close it. Once I close it, I have to delete the config every time in order for it to start up again. Anyone have this issue? Is there a fix? I think it has to do with VATSPY not being on my main monitor, but on the secondary one
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