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  1. ADMIN..please delete my post, I have said SEVERAL times its sorted, but people can't be bothered to read so are still responding and asking questions.
  2. yes, i i said, it just started working ..
  3. ok so went to LAX and it connected to voice server.. seems to working now ..nice..:O)
  4. im new, but, have you tried different servers ?
  5. hi, im new, using MSFS202 got vpilot installed fine, i see text messages but hear no pilots, ATC etc.. i hear a sound when a text comes, like a radio keying.. but thats it, been trying for 2 days now.. getting fed up :O( i tune the planes radio to desired frequency but msfs comms says com not in use. on both coms ( that might be normal ?) i have no mic as yet, just wanted to listen in for the time being.. any suggestions appreciated :P) using UK server, connecting fine.
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