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  1. Okay so the reason I didn't address the question of my experience on VATSIM earlier is that inclusivity shouldn't be a matter of experience, and for those looking to invalidate my experience, whether I've flown for 5 minutes of 50 hours, there will always be some way I get attacked. However, since my credibility has become such an important of a topic of discussion, I will share my hours here. You can look me up on the stats page by searching for "Adi CYYT." As a pilot, I've flown for a total of 193 hours and 57 minutes and the stats page will be evidence. I've also passed the online S1 e
  2. I just moved to Swift haha! It's working real well!
  3. Thanks so much @Liesel Downes for helping address this. Also adding to some amazing points she (hoping I'm using the right pronouns after looking at the previous comment, but please correct me if I'm wrong) has made, I just wanted to say that while name change will not solve all or even half of the problems, it would help a lot of people with their mental health and in feeling safe. I don't believe this is a political issue, but is rather a humanitarian one. I know it can be hard for people outside the LGBTQ+ community to understand the struggles we face, but that doesn't mean they don't
  4. I think that brings about the don't ask don't tell ideology that many militaries were famous for. It sadly brings about oppression as well. It makes being closeted important. And I don't think any of us romanticize oppression. While Trump, Kim Jong Un, Putin, and Merkel are all political conversations, and I'm not sure the aviation community can do much directly to address Myanmar genocide, topics like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ existence are not political, and if we're talking about change, discussing inclusivity, and addressing our problems, all within VATSIM and aviation, I don't see why
  5. I really appreciate this post. Again, it's not personal, but I want to address this as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and I'm pretty sure many people here would agree. But before I type the rest of my post, just wanted to remind everyone that this isn't meant to be an attack on anyone, but rather a place where I hope to start discourse and hopefully encourage some changes in the community. This is also meant to be educational to those who hope to be allies but don't know many people who aren't cishet. So I'll begin by addressing the "non-standard individuals" part of things. I'm assumi
  6. I have seen some amazing discussion in here! I just wanted to add in a few things and thoughts. Again, none of it was meant to call anyone out in specific. I'm also aware habits can be tough to break, so it's okay to make mistakes; it's about correcting ourselves or accepting it when others correct us. There's some great resources out there for allyship. Some of my concerns also come from the fact that having to share your legal name everywhere including community groups because of VATSIM policies, and policies on using your legal name for logins add to struggles as well. An argument I'v
  7. I actually did reach out to VATSIM a while ago where I got this response: According to the VATSIM Code of Conduct, members must register using their full, real name, so there is no way around that. However, the CoC also gives you several options, when you log on to the network:A4(b) - Members shall connect to VATSIM using only one of the following name conventions: (1) Their real, FULL NAME (ie Joseph Smith), as registered. (2) An appropriate shortening of their given name, followed by their surname (ie Joe Smith). (3) Their real given name. (ie Joseph). (4) An appropriate short
  8. Over the past little while I have realized there has been a problem in terms of inclusivity at VATSIM. While it's an amazing community and there are many nice folks, I have had to struggle with things like constantly being misgendered and having to use my dead name due to VATSIM's policy of using legal names. I'm not writing this post to start a fight or for it to be controversial, but just to start a discussion about the long road we have to make changes and promote inclusivity. While VATSIM allows you to use a shortened version of your legal name for some things, you still have to register w
  9. I can't see other live aircrafts ever since I reinstalled X Plane and XSB. I re-installed everything mid-November 2020 on my M1 MacBook Pro, and I also got BlueBell CSL. Instead, AI aircraft loads up on stands. I can't see any on my TCAS either.
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