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  1. So I converted an FSX fighter jet to MSFS and the cockpit doesn't work, but I still want to fly it on VATSIM. Do you know how I would do so without it?
  2. Oh, I seem to have placed this in the wrong section. If someone could help by moving it to support that would be great.
  3. Hi, I am writing with an issue I have encountered. I recently downloaded vPilot for use with the new MSFS. I am new to VATSIM and so I followed a YouTube tutorial on how to get it working. Everything was all the same until it came to connecting. The tutorial said to click "Connect" in the vPilot window and then input the following info, which I did. It told me that my CID/password was invalid (however it is correct, I verified) and that I was forbidden to join the Voice Server and disconnected me. I read a past topic from this forum that said to switch servers, I tried that, and it
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