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  1. Bingo, thanks for your patience and all your work on keeping things running. Much appreciated.
  2. As of yesterday morning everything vPilot was working just fine. I loaded the latest release(.10) and now when I try to open this is what I get: After about 5 sec or so it closes out (crashes?). It never goes anywhere past what you see in the pic. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I have tried with antivirus and firewall disabled btw. Thanks.
  3. Good day, I used vPilot this morning with no issues. Now it will not start, well it opens but attempts to get going for about 3 sec then closes. Never even fully displays really. I deleted the install and downloaded 2.6.10. Same issue. I did reinstall my previous antivirus this morning, could be a cause I suppose but it was working fine with it before. I tried the host app and it opens with no issues, just seems to be the primary app. Any ideas would be more helpful. Thanks
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