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  1. Hi. Thanks for responding. Yes, it happened on all servers. I tried uninstalling vpilot and the. Downloaded it again. Made sure I wasn’t in MSFS when I installed it but made sure it was already running when I did the initial configuration in vpilot. It worked. I connected twice last night but never heard any sound. So now I have to troubleshoot that. It sure doesn’t seem easy to get on Vatsim and they make the whole thing pretty intimidating too. I hope I get to find out if it’s worth it.
  2. First, I did search for this topic. Found two strings where other users had the problem but both times it ended up with a person saying I have no idea why you are getting this error. 1. Running Windows 10, and the most recent stable release of vpilot 2. Have a valid vatsim account and vpilot is connected to the sim 3. I have run both the sim and vpilot in administrator mode 4. every time I try to hit the connect button (just trying to connect as an observer to listen for a while and learn stuff), I get this error, Invalid Protocol Revision, error connecting to voice serve
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