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  1. Thank you for all the responses. This was very helpful! I think I got what I needed for now.
  2. Last night, for my second flight on Vatsim, I planned an IFR flight in my Baron (MSFS2020) from KHPN (Weschester) to KBOS (Logan International). I have a number of questions. Thanks in advance for putting up with my beginner questions. The amount of material can be a bit overwhelming. I used SimBrief to plan. The first option was "MERIT ROBUC3", but the ROBUC3 arrival at KBOS is listed as "Turbojet Aircraft Only", so [Question #1] my twin prop is ineligible, correct? So instead, I went with the second option, "MERIT ORW V16 WOONS", which had me file: "DCT MERIT DCT ORW V16 WOONS DCT"
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