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  1. Ah, OK. I've figured it out. The installer runs as admin, and the last step is "run vSTARS". I guess if you run vSTARS from the installer, it starts as admin. Apologies for the dumb issue!
  2. I'm referring only for the ability for me to use a device as a PTT with Teamspeak while using some of the VATSIM software. I'm hesitant to run any program as an administrator to fix a problem. The only programs that seems to cause this issue with TeamSpeak are AFV Standalone Client and vATIS (and vSTARS 1.3). VRC, Firefox, VAT Spy and other random programs I have running while controlling don't seem to cause this. I brought it up in the vSTARS forum because it was a new behavior for me with the new version of vSTARS, and was only an inconvenience with the other programs.
  3. I recently updated vSTARS to 1.3.0, and am now having a problem with my PTT devices. I have found when controlling that if AFV client or vATIS have focus, my PTT device does not work for other programs, like TeamSpeak. It's an annoyance, but I deal with it. When I installed vSTARS 1.3.0, I started having this issue with vSTARS as well. I tried configuring my PTT pedals as a joystick device and a keyboard, but neither seems to fix the problem. In the meantime, I have reinstalled 1.2.0.
  4. Is there any way to "escape" a space in an alias? I'm trying to pass the route to a URL, using .openurl but it seems the URL is truncated after the first space in the route, because it is seen as a separate argument for .openurl. Is there a way to encapsulate $route in a way that the spaces will be passed?
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