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  1. Roger, appreciated! Tnx Ross!
  2. Related question: is it possible to (and if yes, how?) create filters within favorites? Example: in my favorite Airport Details I'd like to filter out in the departure/departed list for example the a/c that have arrived/ended their flight. Tnx!
  3. To Daniel: Great job Daniel! To Staff: I'd still very much like the whazzup.txt also made avble somewhere/somehow please!
  4. Wow fast answers tnx big time! Going to try the proxy!
  5. Is there any solution/workaround for Servinfo-users? Tnx!
  6. someone please develop a small speech-to-text converter for ATC (seen them before 😉 only 2 buttons needed: 1. record voice-message (through separate ptt) 2. send text to channel resulting in only 1/2 second delay 😉 p.s. and/or maybe for the pilots a likewise small text-to-speech converter 😉 Greetz, Fritz
  7. Kudos Mark! Been instrumental to a lot of good developments for the network . . more time now to enjoy the network . . ! Greetz, Fritz
  8. got it working, without additional sw, but only through emulating keyboard-keys that both Delcom sw and AfV sw can read . . and unfortunately those also leave entries in ES-chatfield when controlling . . but progress anyway 😉
  9. On this part of the topic: @Andrew, Tyler: Pilots do not have sufficient opportunity to get familiar with oceanic procedures, that is demotivating for the controllers and therefore the pilots have even less opportunity to learn...and so on and so on, I agree with you, a vicious circle. We should cut that. probably tried already, but as a suggestion anyway: maybe in the event-notes add an extensive briefing with step-by-step actions & R/T for the pilots? Greetz, Fritz
  10. Looking for the same here . . BTW do you guys have a DELCOM footpedal? I didn't get mine working with AfV . . works with TS etc . . Any ideas? Tnx, greetz, Fritz
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