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  1. Hi @Jake Saw, idle question really but it's there any plan to open source the project? Also, when vatSys checks the XML, does it use XSD schemas to do so? I've been trying to create some basic ones for testing. thanks, Chris
  2. Hi @Jake Saw, Really minor thing but is it possible to increase the size of the 'down' and 'up arrows on the Maps menu? It would be helpful to have them the same height as a selected item (such as the EGKK sub-menu shown attached) to ease navigation. I keep opening Terminal... 🤦‍♂️ Thanks!
  3. Brilliant, thanks for that Jake! I'll make sure it doesn't make it into production.
  4. Hi @Jake Saw, Is there a way to hot load changes to XML files in vatSys rather than closing and re-opening the application? I'm playing about with Radars.xml at the moment and comparing what I see on vatSys compared to the same view on EuroScope. Also, is there a way to connect to a locally running instance of Sweatbox? Thanks!
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