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  1. works great thank you. Now i have the problem that i cant choose an aircraft at the connection button.
  2. the crj 700 is in my airplanes folder but not available in P3D V5. Does anyone have another idea ?
  3. How can i set a default model ? vpilot says Bombardier CRJ 700. Every time when i klick on apply, the report comes up
  4. Hi guys, after a long time i have had the courage to register with vatsim and fly online. However, the first hurdles came faster than I thought. I installed vpilot and wanted to start the setup. Every single time the same message "invaid configuration" I downloaded the current version of FLAJ and installed it in the Simobjects / Airplanes folder. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks a lot and best wishes from Berlin, Christian
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