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  1. Very nice to hear. I am exited to see more controllers in North Africa (especially Tunisia).
  2. In 6 months, i have not seen Tunis center (DTTC_CTR) pop up this night. I always wanted to have controllers in Tunisia and it was shocking! I quickly planned a flight from Djerba to Tunis just to say "Hi" to the controller that logged on. But i was too late the controller had already disconnected and i was so upset! I am so happy that there is somebody that actually logged on and it gave my hope that one day somebody will log on! If you are the controller that was controlling DTTC_CTR at 9:15z "you are a legend". ("Merci beaucoup, j'aimerai bien te revoir une autre fois!")
  3. And Vpilot AI's download is not available anymore too!!!!
  4. I recently started connecting to the vatsim network and the first thing i wanted was Model Matching for Vpilot! Recently Flai stated on their website that the model matching files will no longer be available. I tried the other option on using the "Boston model matching thingy" and tried to sign in and an error popped up! I have literally no ideas left ! I really want a model matching and i think it is essential for the experience. PLEASE HELP ME!!! WHITE AIRCRAFTS LOOK UGLY lol
  5. I have recently started to fly on the vatsim network and there is a problem that i could not figure out, when i was told to handoff to a tower controller by an approach controller at that time i would put the gear down and when i do so i canno't hear the frequency that is given to me because that extra noise is so loud. This happend with the pmdg 737 ngx which i like to fly most! Software used was P3D v4.5 I hope that you will find a solution for my problem i would really appreciate that! Thank you for your attention Regards Zak
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