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  1. Hello there, I'd be more than happy to! First, a bit of history in terms of the software I and others used before I dive into specifics. First off - a lot of the Aircraft I, and others, fly - are Freeware, simply due to the autopilot on most payware aircraft being far too complicated, having a lot of systems in general that are well above and beyond what the sim's default autopilot offers, and the inability to use the FMS (until now, I will explain later). I'm also still using FSX - though P3d v4 is useable, there are still some frustrations with it - mostly the inability to have tru
  2. Hello everyone! This is my first post on these forums - and first post of, hopefully, more to come in 2021. As someone with over 1,700 hours on Vatsim, I figure I might as well throw a quick message up. First and foremost - I'd like to thank those involved in the upkeep and conduct of this network - you all are doing a fantastic job and, as someone who was absolutely terrified at the prospect of using it initially, I have had almost no issues with anyone here. As a blind pilot - someone who is unable to taxi to a runway - I'd also like to take this time to thank all of the controllers
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