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  1. Hello Sorry for the late reply. Essentially, I simply navigate through tramp using my screen reader. Entering values e.g. airspeed, heading, altitude. I can take manual control of the plane thanks to TFM if I need to - thanks to its atitude indicator it is able to, in a sense, give me an idea of the yaw and pitch of the airplane. The only thing we need to work on now is VOR indications and DME. And that is being worked on. DME in particular (or track miles from the field) seems to be more prevalent in Europe, though controllers have been very accomadating. Thanks
  2. I still use it. I'm a blind pilot using software to fly the airplane and FSX is tried and true. P3d does work, but there are accessibility issues using a screen reader. They can be gotten around, but not with ease. That being said, I really do hope the essentials, like v pilot, don't suddenly stop working, at least for a while.
  3. Hello there, I'd be more than happy to! First, a bit of history in terms of the software I and others used before I dive into specifics. First off - a lot of the Aircraft I, and others, fly - are Freeware, simply due to the autopilot on most payware aircraft being far too complicated, having a lot of systems in general that are well above and beyond what the sim's default autopilot offers, and the inability to use the FMS (until now, I will explain later). I'm also still using FSX - though P3d v4 is useable, there are still some frustrations with it - mostly the inability to have tru
  4. Hello everyone! This is my first post on these forums - and first post of, hopefully, more to come in 2021. As someone with over 1,700 hours on Vatsim, I figure I might as well throw a quick message up. First and foremost - I'd like to thank those involved in the upkeep and conduct of this network - you all are doing a fantastic job and, as someone who was absolutely terrified at the prospect of using it initially, I have had almost no issues with anyone here. As a blind pilot - someone who is unable to taxi to a runway - I'd also like to take this time to thank all of the controllers
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