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  1. Ok no probs, I'll keep playing about with it and see if I can get it to work (or hope someone creates Model Matching for MSFS)
  2. It spawns in as the default, the weird thing is the lines I have for Frontier A320neo's works perfectly
  3. One of my lines in my VMR file is <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="EZY" TypeCode="A20N" ModelName="Airbus A320 Neo EasyJet G-UZHN" /> but when I load into the sim at an airport where I have seen an EZY A20N, vPilot uses the default A320neo instead of the easyJet livery I have in the sim
  4. Hi All. I've been trying to create my own Model Matching for MSFS and lets just say it's not going well, (I have the correct syntax in my VMR but VPilot doesn't like it for some aircraft). I'm half giving up, does anyone know of any accurate modelling file out there for MSFS or any on the horizon? I know MSFS is relatively new and it takes time to create models and liveries but default Asobo models are getting a bit boring and annoying Thanks
  5. I'm looking at getting tegal from ORBX to fly some Air Berlin routes, but I fly permanently on VATSIM, do VATSIM allow flights in and out of Tegal with it being shut in real life
  6. Thank you both for the quick responses and help
  7. Hello, I would like to get some clarification for military ops on the network, I have read a few posts and they were a few years old so I just want to check nothing has changed. 1) Can I fly civilian aircraft at RAF Bases, (I'm talking GA Aircraft) Most RAF bases in the UK have RAF flying clubs and this is the setting where I have done my PPL, can I do both circuits and sorties departing and arriving a the same airfield? 2) Just like a BA flight from Heathrow to Manchester, can I load a A330 Voyager, Tristar, VC-10 at Brize Norton and fly it out to Akrotiri? Regards
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