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  1. Ross, I did further testing, focusing a one single aircraft for which I have multiple models in the matching rules (indeed one single mdl file but with multiple texture sets). I played with the ignore/uningnore button in the aircraft list in vPilot (accessible with the .aircraft command in vPilot). The aircraft appears and disappears as expected, and each time the name of the model indeed changes in the aircraft list, so it should show a differently looking aircraft in the sim with a different texture. The point is that it's always the same aircraft showing up in the sim. So I w
  2. It might be the case indeed. However, I have to investigate a bit cause I did the test in Zurich and I don' see why there would be a A319 Lan Chile so far from home 🙂 What you mention is a know problem from MSFS ? Has that been reported to Asobo/Microsoft ?
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