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  1. Hi I tried this morning and it worked... didnt changed anything... maybe there is a time to have the VATSIM account validated? Thanks for your help anyway! Brgds
  2. I reinsalled to start from scratch, here is breakdown of the steps: - At launch vPilot asks to input setting - I enter CID Password, if I click on apply it asks for full name - I enter full name, if I click on apply it asks for a server - This time I select UK1, if I click on apply it asks for input device - I select my headset in both input and output, testing it shows some input levels so seems to work - Then I click on apply, and vPilot closes
  3. Yes same, I cannot click on Apply without selecting an audio device, the tool does not allow me to Apply without credentials or audio selection. But has soon as I click on apply, it crashes. Any ways to clear settings (deleting a file?) sp I can restart from scratch? Thanks for your help!
  4. I cannot apply without credentials, and as soon as I put them and I apply it crashes
  5. Dear all, I have an issue with vPilot: - It instals correctly - I can start it and get the screen - I can go to setting and enter m credentials, fullname and preferred server - As soon as I click on apply, vPilot closes, and it time I try to reopen vpilot, screen start to open then close immediately Thanks for your help
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