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  1. I have Master PC with X-Plane running and Swift. Do I have to run Swift on my networked Slave which provides the external views? Like you are doing in FS9.
  2. Thanks, I’ll feel better when I have found out why the PC crashed. Seems to be an issue between the new update of X-Plane 11.51 and xPilot. Has anyone else had problems?
  3. Dustin, thanks for that. I would, of course, let a controller know if I was doing anything other than follow his last instructions, but the Master PC just crashed so I sent the text message when I re-started it, still in his area. Not being able to get to where I had been I didn’t want to bother him again as he was very busy. Now I’ve just got to work out why it crashed! Thanks again, appreciated. Michael
  4. Hi, a bit embarrassing, but my network Master PC crashed in the middle of an IFR flight through London Airspace this afternoon. I was using X-Plane, so could not re-start from the in-flight position. I must have just disappeared from the controller's screen. I went back on line and sent a text message, but am not sure if that was the right thing to do. I am a real world pilot, but new to VATSIM, so I am not sure what I should have done - if anything. What do you controllers do when we pilots just disappear?
  5. Hi, When I try to find out information on my pending application to convert my real licences and click on the “Pilot Training” help desk all I get is a Page 404 Error message. This also happens on a number of other Vatsim links. Is it me?
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