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  1. Hi, I've had a look through the forums and google/discord and spoke to a controller last night. no one seems to have a resolution unfortunately. So far I've spent last night and most of today trying different things to resolve the issue.
  2. Hi all. I'm brand new to this, be gentle. I'm on MSFS2020 using vPilot in the A320. I've loaded into the airport, loaded vPilot and set the frequency. I can hear the tone when someone sends a text message to the controller, but I cannot hear any voices. The TX lights up when I press ptt however the RX has never lit up. I've also tried tuning to the atis but I've no luck with that either. The audio settings in vPilot are correct as I can hear the tone for text. I had a controller suggest that maybe the vhf was set wrong but its set to vhf1 which is correct. vPilot i
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