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  1. Well I mean I guess it isn't necessarily the entire screen but it pretty much blocks the airport which is what I need to see Generally speaking, inserting a dep procedure could get the job done but my facility has some PDAR routes for some airways and airports, and knowing the lovely perfect flight plans pilots submit sometimes, it usually means I have to edit a good portion of it. You are correct though, I could just move this window to the side, its just that every time I open it I have to move it, I was wondering if there was a way for me to make it open on the side and not right
  2. Hello. I always find it a bit annoying that to edit a flight plan, I have to open that big flight plan dialog menu (which covers my radar screen) and prevents me from clicking on the screen until I close the dialog box. In addition, I can't move around its default open location so it always opens up smack in the middle of my screen where my vision should be focused on the aircraft, not blocked by the menu. Is there any in built way to work around this/fix the problem I am having? I know topsky has the ability to edit the plans from the departure list or something like that, but it isn't sup
  3. No errors were given. It also didn't show up in VRC. Just opened it in another program and it looks like there was an error. Near a curve, a point that should have been next seemed to have been in the wrong place, and overlapped another section. I fixed this and it loads now. I guess the issue would now be resolved then. Thanks though 🙂
  4. Hello. I am trying to setup an ASDEX, but I am encountering an issue with the regions. Currently, I have three polygons. Two are a runway, another is a taxiway and connections to the lower runway. Both runways appear, but not the taxiway. I have not been able to locate any issues with the polygon as to why this is happening, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. #define TWY 3092271 #define RWY 0 [INFO] TEST ASDE-X (DAY) MIA_CTR KMIA N25.47.42.089 W80.17.07.169 60.000 54.000 5.480 1.000 [AIRPORT] KFLL 000.000 N026.04.18.000 W080.08.58.900 [REGIONS] RWY N026.04.35.728 W0
  5. Yes in deed, thank you for mentioning that. ATC coms in those airspaces are not optional.
  6. You were most definitely 100% not being ignored by the controller. Before I get into why that is the case, seeing as you say your a beginner, let me drop some knowledge to help you out. If your intent was to file an American Airlines callsign, the proper and ONLY code for that would be "AAL" not "AA." AA is the IATA code, and that will only make controllers absolutely struggle in figuring out who you are because it is not the standard for callsigns, so do make sure to use "AAL" instead. You were flying "VFR." That stands for Visual Flight Rules. It may be different in Canada, bu
  7. Typically, you would need your facility engineer to make one for you, which would then be downloadable in the same place where you got your sector files, POF files, and whatnot. You can also just make your own configuration. Listen to a live atis recording or a D ATIS if you can find one online and recreate it. There is no worldwide publicly available vATIS configuration for every airport I believe. Here is the vATIS documentation directly from the website if you need help setting a profile up. vATIS Beta Documentation (clowd.io)
  8. Disregard, the VATSIM forums decided to be real slow with me on this one 😔
  9. Yeah this would be nice, I am yet to see any actual statement on it. vAtis is a big pain for me, thing decides to work some weeks, decides to not some others.
  10. Correct, the proper code is A20N
  11. A bit of a tip, be sure to unbind the key bindings that set ATC frequency/commands (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0) because even if the ATC panel is closed, it will touch stuff like "GROUND SERVICES" or "AIRPORT TOWER 121.1) or whatever, which can switch frequencies for you when unintended.
  12. I as a pilot would probably struggle with having to do text only unless I am on autopilot at the time or something. Kinda focused on flying not at the text box. I also am usually not even looking at my airplane while flying but on YouTube or some other website (during cruise) or maybe even at bed, so I suppose a burden of being a textpilot would have to be sitting there waiting for the little "psshh" noise and having to check it every time.
  13. I got hoppie setup on my euroscope profile, it's actually pretty nice. Just a few drawbacks on euroscope specifically because not everyone uses euroscope on my artcc so I can't assign runways for example (will mess up TRACON), but for the rest its true hoppie works quite well.
  14. Interesting lol, I mean if it went on frequency so other pilots did not step over it, I wouldn't see a problem with that 😛 (sounds more just like the complexity of developing something like that)
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