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  1. Sorry for using this topic as an announcement channel, but I can now confirm that go-vatspy library is now much closer to a production-ready state. It is in use by https://track-my-flight.live (check out the vatsim toggle button in the upper left corner) so it is and hopefully will be an actively developing project. The most noticeable change is that the lib is now capable of providing the dynamic vatsim data along with the static one, with real-time (well, almost) updates. I have updated the project readme but if there are other developers interested in using the library I will definitel
  2. I know this is a bit of an ugly hack, but. I myself have found a way out and finally can use JSON3 API. There is a tiny go project of mine https://github.com/viert/go-vatspy which loads and indexes vatspy data. The only thing I need to do to figure out the controller's coords is run FindAirport() with a controller prefix - everything before the first underscore, for example, in case of KIAD_GND I use KIAD, as well as for IAD_GND I use IAD (some people tend to use IATA prefixes instead of ICAO). This works quite well. This is a controller I get from json3 API {'cid': 1505429, 'name':
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