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  1. Added new BlueTooth Headphones with built in mic (JBL TUNE700BT). Soon as I start vPilot all sound output is disabled. Exiting vPilot restores sound. Mic works. Below are the Audio settings. Any help would be great. Thx in advance
  2. Hi... success! Thanks for your help and the link. Much appreciated...
  3. The installer attempts to install, the green progress bar flashes, and I then receive "VAT-Spy has been installed on your computer. Click finish to close thee wizard". Launch VAT-Spy is checked. I click on Finish and nothing happens. I double-click on the icon to open VAT-Spy and nothing happens. The non-beta version install ans open with out issue.
  4. Am not able to install any of the updated versions. I have the 1.03719 version. When i attempt to install an update the installer goes very quickly which indicates an incomplete install. I try starting but nothing happens. I've disabled any anti-virus, deleted the config file and the VAT-Spy folder in the roaming subdirectory all without any luck. Any advise? Thanks in advance
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