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  1. Oh Infact surprise surprise. It is now working 🤦‍♂️. Well finally after almost a week it is now working. Thank you very much for your help Don! Amazing work, cannot wait to break in some of these hours!
  2. Hello Don, thank you, yes the reason I reset my password 3 times on February was because when I tried to reset it the first time the email didn’t come through for like 30minutes then all 3 password emails came through at the same time. I do apologise for that :/. And I reset it again the other day as the emails disappeared from my inbox. I have tried all servers and I have re entered and retyped the CID and Password manually. And still no luck. I can try all the servers again to make sure but around 3/4 hours ago it wouldn’t let me connect. It does connect me but then it disconnects me right
  3. hello, everyone i was wondering if i could have some help in regards to VATSIM. ive been a member since 2016, however i havent done any flights on VATSIM believe it or not. i tried to join the server these past few days and it says I don't have a valid cid or password even though I'm using the same password and cid as my vatsim account. i read somewhere that i may have to do the P0 exam however i cannot find it anywhere, in any emails or on my account. but then again i had no issues joining vatsim last summer time, so im not sure if i have to do the exam or not, except when i tried to connect
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