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  1. As Ross Carlson said, I need to have a flight loaded, this means: I have to be in the cockpit. So now it worked until that point. Next step is to learn how to hear people talking and how to talk. I will learn that. I will search how to do in the tutorials. Thank you for your answers.
  2. Hello, I am new to Vatsim. My vPilot shows a message "Not connected to network". I have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and I installed a vPilot software. While Flight simulator is running, I open vPilot. I go to Settings, I put my Vatsim ID and Password, I fill up the information fields with my name, my home airport and I choose a server, then I click OK. Then I go to Connect button on vPilot. I put my callsign and type code, then I click Connect... A message appears "command failed, ensure a flight is loaded". Now, I go to Flight plan, I fill up the information fiel
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