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  1. I got the same problem but vPilot have access to my microphone. The problem occurred with the latest vPilot Update or Windows 10 Update.
  2. I did. I also assigned vPilot to my headset under Advanced Sound Settings. But still nothing has changed.
  3. Hello, after I installed the vPilot Update 2.8.1 I get at every startup an error message. I also installed after this a little Windows update. I attached also a screenshot. I already tried to reinstall vPilot but nothing changed. I selected the Stable Branch of vPilot in the Settings. With this error I can't talk or send text messages to the ATC or can't even hear someone on my frequency. I also have the program whitelisted with my antivirus, so this does not restrict it. When I click on "Details" it shows: See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (J
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