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  1. Same here. Spent two decades at the top of the industry. I guess it's not a surprise we'd see this the same way. They've done so many little things in addition to the big things that they've earned the time to mature this. Now don't get me wrong. If they put out a product that's say, buggy as hell, then that would be a mistake. However, a product that's lacking some features? No problem. Take your time. We'll have enough to keep us busy until you get there. Plus, there's the obvious factor we cannot ignore: This is Microsoft involved with one of the most iconic and storied products in the hist
  2. XP-11 may very well be far ahead of FS2020 in this regard, but they've had 11 versions to get it to this point where this is essentially a v1 for the new team. Given the inconceivable leaps ahead this product appears to have taken, I'm more than glad to give them time to evolve the finer points. To have a sim that can give this much eye candy to machines that 90% of us don't even need to raise a dollar to upgrade to get it to look that way is just flat out unprecedented and astounding. Better flight dynamics and physics can advanced in future updates -- and likely will. I'm signed up, ready to
  3. Great info from all. Thanks and much appreciated. It helps.
  4. Missed the last post before I posted. So the airlines do decide. I guess that's what I was hoping to mimic. Ultimate Traffic back in the days used to have that info in their schedules which was really amazing. I knew exactly which gates to go to just because of the AI schedules.
  5. So in real life who determines a gate? Surely the pilots have no part in that or else the airlines would never really know where to have the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers waiting.
  6. So I fly my Dash 8 almost exclusively (United colors) and each airport I fly into (generally driven by where there's ATC) I'm asked once I'm down which Gate I want. I have no idea. Granted, that's likely my responsibility so I'd like to know, but how? My Dash most likely should NOT be going to a gate with a jetway on it. At KIAH I go to 5B and that's awesome. At KPHL there's an entire area just for Dash's so that's simple, but what about a resource to know where I belong at each airport? Do I need to manually bring up every airport and do a Google search to try to decipher a realistic
  7. This didn't happen, but almost did on a previous flight so I'd like to find out what the procedure is. Let's say you're instructed to contact ground who appears online. You okay that and change frequencies, call in and get no reply. You check your equipment. It's all good. Do you head back to the previous controller to report the inability to reach the controller you were directed to? Thanks.
  8. Evan, Thanks for the detailed response. It's greatly appreciated and, rest [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ured, I will be working overtime to make sure I'm better prepared the next time we run into each other. I'm not sure if the recordings capture all my outbound voice to the GND channel, but as I crossed 27 toward 33L I transmitted to GND that I believe he meant for me to go one way on 27 (to "short" 33L) and not go the distance to the full length of 33L. When I got no response from that comment I then tried again and got no response. As has been my bad luck of late, many controllers hav
  9. Let's just forget the details. You're right. I could/should have just left it as hearing-related. This was a poor attempt to do a mea culpa that clearly failed.
  10. Will do on Filter. On the Dash, it's really the only plane I fly. Now that the FMS has changed (I knew the built-in one inside-out) it's added a layer of confusion I wasn't prepared for. The old one is no longer available and it'll be good to ultimately learn the default one as it's a step closer to the real thing and prevalent in many planes now and in the future.
  11. Thanks. This is the sort of thing I was hoping I might find. I'd also be curious to know what the heck "Filter Audio" does. Seems no one knows given my google searches on it. I was hoping there might be a setting to allow for the pure audio stream in hope that what we hear in the cockpit is somehow processed to sound more realistic and thus introducing more noise. I thought about that because playing on voice servers in standard games usually sounds far more clear. I have far less of a challenge is FPS action where things happen far more quickly and using the same equipment. Perhaps it's
  12. The part your focusing on misses the point really. I was just basically saying I screwed up. For completeness I had been told to hold short at 4R on my way to 33L. I was also held short at 4L, but as I approached each, ground interrupted to say to cross each of them. I simply omitted the last example of that which came immediately before where I picked up the quoting. I took all that to mean that he intended me to part 33L at the point just past where I cross 33L (which I often get given my flying a Dash).
  13. I'm in X-Plane so vPilot isn't an option. Maybe Swift will help if/when it shows up. I don't think there's an option for me in xSquawkbox.
  14. So tonight I had a bit of a Darwin Award-worthy flight out of KBOS that was entirely my fault, but that I would rather not repeat. After cooling down and mulling it all over I realized several factors created the "accident" (feels like a typical Disaster TV show). The factors: 1. 3-year lay-off from flying and VATSIM 2. A hurry to get back up to speed. I miss you guys! 3. Lots of new factors like losing my old tools, X-Plane 11 and a new FMS that seems as touchy as dog with rabid rabies. 4. A loss of hearing over time. The first trouble came when ground at BOS said (or so I
  15. That's it. Yes. I was trying to get screen shots of all my settings so this is very helpful. I wonder if there's any way to overcome it and not lose the features.... As it is I literally cannot see the labels. It's like microscopic text on a 27" monitor.
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