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  1. Hi, I can see other aircraft when I’m airborne. Some days ago I was in a holding close to EIDW and numerous other aircraft around me were visible (at least the lights, because it was nighttime) and also in my moving map I can observe other Vatsim traffic within 40NM and +/- 5000 feet ( for charts and moving map I use the Electronic Flight Bag from aivlasoft.com, I don’t know if other moving map software does this too) So finally I have no idea why this is working in my setup and not in others Wolfgang
  2. Hi, I don´t know what I am doing different, but I have no problems to see other traffic in VatSim using MSFS and vPilot. All settings are standard and in MSFS Multiplayer is OFF and other Air Traffic is OFF a short Screenrecording here: Screenrecording regrads, Wolfgang
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