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  1. Hi Ross, Working a theory here about the intermittent behavior of the TPDR and could use your expert help, as I am not intimately familiar with the SB data area in SimConnect. If FS, Prosim, and vPilot are running and then FS only is closed and restarted, would that void the SB data area memory and cause a disconnect unless vPilot was restarted? Or does vPilot reconnect to SimConnect automagically? Same for Prosim? Thanks for any insight. James
  2. Point well taken. I shall cease and desist. Thanks again for the cool app... ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป James
  3. Well, the SA part I'm sure will be fixed at some point and I agree with you completely regarding workarounds, I was looking beyond that though more towards not being reliant on very old technology in regards to SB. I would think any simmer using custom hardware would surely prefer to interact directly instead of hardware-to-software suite-to-FSUIPC-to-SimConnect-to-vPilot. Surely seems more efficient going direct, but hey that's just me. It's your gig and I certainly won't make any demands, these are simply ideas. I mean another good setting is the modern OFF/AUTO/ON settings in many transpond
  4. Yes, exactly. I do control the transponder via my plugin, my exact point was that it gets overridden by the SB data area since SA is sending that data. If I turn off the SB data sending in SA then all is ok, problem is the checkbox in SA for disabling this has a bug where it resets to checked after a restart of SA. Also, there is no way I know of to turn off the transponder interface to SB in Prosim when using an internally supported FDS transponder. So, I thought if your app could simply ignore that data then there would be no conflict. Again, not a huge deal for me, as I can untick the "Send
  5. Hi Ross, So, feature request for a future version: A way to disable vPilot's using the SB data area in SimConnect, either via a plugin or ini setting, so that a plugin can control the TXPDR modes, mode c, etc, via a plugin. As it stands now some of them get overwritten by, I'm assuming, the SB data. This way I can interface with my OEM radios more reliably. No need to reply, just throwing it out there... James
  6. Very well could be, but the Prosim issue is with another guys sim who actually uses an FDS transponder and Prosim A320. So who knows... Thanks for the cool app...
  7. Ok, no problem. I was using 7B80. I got a bit overzealous shrinking the pic I guess LOL, sorry. I love SA, best suite I've ever used. Mine is the MAX and a bit customized ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have found however that the SB stuff for the transponder is unreliable. I don't believe it is SA, as Prosim has the same problem where mode C is hit n miss. I am going to program my own interface via the vPilot plugin I wrote but Mark has to fix his SB checkbox interface as it does not persist between runs. I can't turn it off! Do you have any plans to update vPilot? Just curious... James
  8. Yes. Sadly no worky. Do I have the wrong offset??? (see pic)
  9. Well the connected offset in FSUIPC doesnโ€™t read anything but zero, just FYI. Thanks for responding, Iโ€™ll have to find another way. James
  10. Hi Ross, It appears to be the only one that does work. The critical one for me is TX status. James
  11. Well by experimenting I have eliminated one option: FSUIPC. And I found an old post you mentioned the SimConnect data that you support, so that eliminates that. I guess my only hope is you adding it someday to the plugin architecture. James
  12. Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to retrieve the Mode C and TX status using the plugin system or another way? I looked through the IBroker interface but did not see any way to GET the status, only to set it, which I already have working. If not, could you possibly add it to your feature request list? Would these always match the SB data area in SimConnect and/or the FSUIPC offsets for SB? Much appreciated, James
  13. Hi Gary, Ted and Mark speak highly of you, and I am very impressed by your projects! Hope to meet someday. I was supposed to be over there last year, but of course that was hosed. I am using the real ACP units in my 737 MAX, which of course have an input for each channel. I use a MOTU24 sound box so I have simple way to route things as well. A COM2 output would be ideal ๐Ÿ™‚ I would be happy to help program if AFV is programmed in something I know such as VB.NET, C#, C. I'm very green with Delphi and C++ but may be able to cobble my way through. Tried to attached a pic of my
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