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  1. Hi Gary, Ted and Mark speak highly of you, and I am very impressed by your projects! Hope to meet someday. I was supposed to be over there last year, but of course that was hosed. I am using the real ACP units in my 737 MAX, which of course have an input for each channel. I use a MOTU24 sound box so I have simple way to route things as well. A COM2 output would be ideal 🙂 I would be happy to help program if AFV is programmed in something I know such as VB.NET, C#, C. I'm very green with Delphi and C++ but may be able to cobble my way through. Tried to attached a pic of my
  2. Thank you sir for the response. Maybe when/if they fix the dreaded volume spike issue they will add multi sound device capability. (one can dream LOL) Well I started vPilot at 2.8, so all good 🙂 Love it. James
  3. Hello, Has the idea of having the ability to assign separate windows audio devices to COM1&2 ever been considered? I have multiple sound cards/devices installed and connected to different speaker inputs in my audio system in my full cockpit. I would love to have the ability to send COM2 output to a different device in order to route it elsewhere instead of both COM radios being mixed together. I wrote a plugin for vPilot to route messages and such to my app and it works very nicely! Brilliant in fact. I was hoping to be able to intercept the audio there since there was no separat
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