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  1. Greetings. New member here. Not sure to whom I should direct this question. I noticed VATSIM provides a mechanism for conversion of real-world pilot ratings into the P ratings offered in the VATSIM system. I hold a Commercial/Instrument SEL rating (not MEL). Falls kind of in between P2 and P3 I guess. wondering if anyone can tell me how it will convert. thanks much.
  2. Okay, great. I will treat as non-towered airport for departure. Understand IFR clearance will already be active. Contact nearest ARTCC controller when in sector and receive/enter squawk code. Thanks again!
  3. In absence of further guidance, I will depart according to my filed flight plan, then when entering ARTCC sector for nearest available Center Controller (in this case, Denver Center), I will request activation of my IFR clearance. This would not normally be acceptable as I will already be in Class A airspace when reaching Denver Center (currently in Minneapolis Center ARTCC), but I don't know an alternative.
  4. Still on the ground KMSP. Ready to taxi, but waiting for correct procedure W/O airport controllers.
  5. Hello. New to VATSIM. I fly PilotEdge and got used to availability of top-down coverage at PilotEdge system airports. I filed a flight plan (KMSP-KSEA) and am ready to go, but I only see a Denver Center controller in my area. Do I request clearance from that controller when airborne? Thanks
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