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  1. Connor,

    Yes, they were run on two different occasions, and yes, the radios are set correctly. 

    I've been trying to open one of the ports on my router, since some of the suggestions on other posts stated that it runs on the UDP 50000 port. 

    Not sure what else to try, can't get anything done as of right now because of this issue. 

    -Daniel Moreno

  2. Hello! 

    Recently, I have been attempting to connect to the network, but I noticed that I cannot hear any audio.

    I have tried swapping out audio devices, trying all sorts of combinations for output selections, reinstalling the clients, and even wiping all of the system settings, and drivers. I can hear other audio played on my computer, such as notifications, perfectly fine, and members advise me through text that they can hear me perfectly on frequency. However, I cannot hear anything, nor does the "RX" Light on either client light up. 

    I'm not sure what exactly is going on, and it is impairing my ability to control, and fly on the network. I have attached some images below:



    Thanks for any help in advance.

    -Daniel Moreno


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