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  1. i've noticed every so often when i'm flying that i see a message about people training in atc and i've always wanted to try and partake to help them out but it's always mid flight so i was curious if i could be logged into Vpilot as an observer and still fly in like a cessna or something or would ATC still see me. i don;'t really want to be sat down in an airplane waiting for a training session to start
  2. i'll be honest i have Squarked 7600 but mainly that i was having mic troubles and couldn't hear the controller but switched it back as soon as i could hear everyone and i didn't really get any complaints but this was why i had to ask cause i didn't wanna do a mayday call then people getting into arguements but thakn you all for your inputs
  3. as a newbie for flight sim this topic has seem to be a bit contraversial to say the least. i know obviously i shouldn't squark 7500 as the main thing but i would like to simulate some maydays for engine fails for medical emergancies (i have a program that simulates Passengers on my flights) but the main thing i've been told is that this isn't allowed. i have done one or two Pan-Pan calls and the ATC have been alright with me so far but what about mayday? i don't hear it alot so i'm a bit nervous
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