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  1. This is on beta 25 Without calling AmendFlightPlan() this happens, notice the DOF/ in the flightstrip and the one in the flight plan window If I call AmendFlightPlan() then it gets updated but kicks me out a few minutes later. It's all being done in the same block, to my knowledge at least. This is called on OnGetTagItem(): void ACDMPlugin::CheckEtd(CFlightPlan FlightPlan) { const std::regex dof_regex("DOF\\/\\d\\d\\d\\d\\d\\d"); std::string cs = FlightPlan.GetCallsign(); std::string rmk = FlightPlan.GetFlightPlanData().GetRemarks();
  2. I am updating the fpl remarks with GetFlightPlanData().SetRemarks() followed by GetFlightPlanData().AmendFlightPlan(), and this works fine for a couple of minutes but then kicks me out of the networks, both with 50 aircraft or just 1 aircraft, live or sweatbox server, whats going on? If I don't call AmendFlightPlan() I don't get kicked, but the fpl doesn't seem to register it was updated either, so what am I supposed to do here?
  3. Hello, I am experimenting with creating plugins, and I am having a hard time knowing where to access all known flightplans to euroscope. I want to iterate through them to read and modify data from the CFlightPlan class. Ideally I actually only want to iterate through a certain departure airport fpl list, but I don't think that's possible. I had a dumb attempt at it with the loop bellow, but obviously that was never going to work while ( TRUE ) { fplNext = FlightPlanSelectNext(fpl2); if (!fplNext.IsValid()) { break; } So how do I create an array w
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