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  1. I thought VATSIM has no pilot client for FlightGear in their documentation.
  2. Is there any way to calculate the RTA or Required Time of Arrival when flying oceanic. Normally, our FMC does this for us, but if you are in a plane that uses the default fsx gps for example, then they do not calculate RTA which means you probably have to do it manually when using fsx gps aircraft. Can you tell me how to do those calculations in an easy way? Thanks VATSIM Community!
  3. I have FSX and I might use that because it is not that demanding. What happens if Laminar Research did not slow down the sim if the FPS goes below 20?
  4. Hello VATSIM community. I am having an issue with FPS staying above 20 to prevent getting disconnected from the network. I am running X-Plane 11 on a laptop with a Intel Core i3 5005U processor and a GeForce 930M graphics card. My X-Plane is also running on the lowest settings possible. There are addons that are installed for the Zibo Mod though. I am also running the 3jFPS script to increase the frames but probably because of the specs the script can't do wonders. The frame rate on the ground is around 20 FPS. In cruise, the FPS is around 10 for more than 20 seconds. Nvidia Settings are optim
  5. Update: I got this error when trying to use prefile Event ID: 56da5f068b6e40809f4d46d7b53d03ae
  6. For some reason when I try to prefile a flight plan, the flight plan does not file. I checked the console on my browser and errors started popping up. Somebody needs to fix this problem with the Prefile.
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