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  1. I have no doubt it has had more than one owner, probably due to the fact that the current owner realised that their pride and joy was developed with a potato, and so they handed it over to another owner, who very quickly realised the same thing, and so it was passed around from one owner to another. Yes I understand that, and yet it won't even let me configure my audio. I mean, seriously, VATSIM are promoting a piece of software that is clearly riddled with bugs and yet it won't even let you fix the issues(s), the "Setup Audio" feature is faded out. The absolute stupidity of this whole
  2. Andreas, I'm sorry but when I have provided this forum with evidence that I have not only connected to the VATSIM network correctly, but also that I have tuned to the correct frequency and you're hearing no audio, what would that say to you? You say that without these freeware (& I can't stress the "free" bit enough here) VATSIM would be dead, I completely agree with you but at this rate VATSIM is going to be dead anyway if new members continue to come onto this service, see a VATSIM client that is suggested on the website, download it correctly and still run into trouble with this.
  3. Is there any reason as to why I am: not hearing any ATC chatter despite tuning to an online ATC service, volume turned up, & set on COM1 - as illustrated below - normally in a world that clearly this piece of software does not belong in, when you tune to a frequency and you're within range, you're supposed to hear ATC chatter. That is unless I have all of a sudden developed selective hearing because I can hear the APU on the Zibo and every other sound, but just not the ATC service? Maybe I'm just going mad, who knows? not seeing my "File Flight plan" open highlighted?
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