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  1. I never claimed for it to be certain, that's why I said it's my belief that i speak on behalf of the majority of VATSIM users, not all. This wasn't my only point against Eurocontrol so not sure what you are getting at here? This exemplifies the point that I have just made, If small London sectors have an issue with traffic numbers how on earth can anyone sit here and back the use of EURx over areas 20 x the size! More to this - recently restrictions have been placed on what sectors can be opened when for London to try and prevent such high workload on a single frequency, things
  2. When I say this I believe that I speak on behalf of the majority of VATSIM users (both ATC and pilots) but the whole ideal of Eurocontrol is flawed from the outset. Correct me if I'm wrong but the whole idea of these quite frankly mega unrealistic positions (on what is supposed to be a realistic simulation network) was to improve ATC coverage in Europe in the days where traffic was much quieter and ATC much more uncommon. These days the majority of divisions/vacc's are much more active which makes Eurocontrol in a sense redundant. From the ATC perspective controlling adjacent to Eurocontr
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