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  1. Thanks again to the OP for posting this important topic (and sticking around to hear the discussion). I think the contents of this thread are all the evidence anyone needs to conclude we have lots of work to do to be more inclusive. It’s important to listen to what OP has to say. Really listen without getting defensive. Don’t try to “disprove” their experience.
  2. There are a lot of mentions here about the *intent* behind using certain words. Especially in the context of ATC communications we should understand that how a word is *received* and *understood* is at least as important as the intent behind it. Let’s assume no one intends to cause offence or harm by using “Sir” or “Madam” or specific pronouns. That seems pretty obvious, IMO. We should be focusing on the effect that words or VATSIM policies can have on members. I will also point out that “let’s just ignore it, I think everything’s fine” isn’t a solution.
  3. Thank you for posting this. I have a lot to learn and I appreciate the explanation.
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