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  1. I LOVE YOU!!!!! MUCH MUCH I LOVE YOU!!!!! I did it, I deleted ALL the records I found with "prepar3d", as I will not use it no problem. Now it opened !!! Now I'm going to see if I can get it to run with MSFS2020, but it's already another situation!
  2. I uninstalled it and it didn't work, I found a Prepar registry folder, I deleted the "registry folder". Would the MSFS2020 have a registry that I need to see? Where it is?
  3. I'm uninstalling, does it leave "traces" in the logs that I need to delete?
  4. I already had P3D, and now I use the MSFS2020. I have a version of P3D that I installed to test you want me to uninstall? I will use vPilot on the MSFS2020 Actually I had the P3D.V4 uninstalled, I tried to install the vPilot to use on the MSFS2020 I couldn't. Now a week ago I installed P3DV5 to test. But what I really want is the MSFS2020, otherwise I can uninstall everything I want
  5. Hello, I have a problem the first time I install vPilot ... I have already installed several visual c ++, net framework 4.8. I saw in another topic almost the same problem, in his case it was a record that he changed. In my case, I didn't do anything on record, at least manual. xPilot works perfectly, only vPilot does not. Erro: Consulte o final desta mensagem para obter detalhes sobre como chamar a depuração just-in-time (JIT) em vez desta caixa de diálogo. ************** Texto de Exceção ************** System.InvalidCastException: Não é possível converter um ob
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