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  1. Will there be a new version entirely dedicated to MSFS?
  2. Well, i use this one https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bd7P8PI26vpweIOqGmhJqJh8EuYBddNO?usp=sharing
  3. The pic is a command in the vpilot just write ".aircraft" and this show all the models variables.
  4. I will wait for the next Sim Update. Thanks a lot for your answer.
  5. Hello everybody, i have a issue with the a319 model. I just had installed the liveries from altitude software and from the megapack and i am using the "airlines.vmr". My vpilot creates the models without errors but in the case of the a319 it creates all 319 on my range with the first model loaded. Example: i have 1 austiran (319) and 2 ezy (319) the first loading of the model was the austrian and the other 2 ezy will be a austrian 319. I just did the command ".aircraft" and everything are correct with the names. Anyone could help me?
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