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  1. I can connect to the servers in fs2020 I've been able to type to controllers and get the correct frequency's HOWEVER I can not talk to the controllers or hear them/anyone else. the only message I get is Visit https://vats.im/plc for excellent resources. [04:08:25] SERVER: Seasoned member? Check out current and upcoming events at https://vats.im/events [04:08:25] SERVER: For the latest community and network updates visit our website or connect with us on Discord https://vats.im/community [04:08:25] SERVER: Thanks for being a part of the community and enjoy your session! [04:0
  2. but ive done that i can log into the servers i get the frequencys and i can type to the controllers but cant talk or hear
  3. sorry no thats for account password stuff now its not letting me talk i can type to the controlers but thats it
  4. so i finished everything and can connect to the servers but cant talk it gives me the cannot conect to voice servers no idea why
  5. is the account activated (on the client) 24hrs after completion of the P0 test?
  6. so i connect and get the network error invalid CID or password idk what to do i just finished my P0 test and manually typed in my pass and CID [22:01:06] Network error: Invalid CID/password [22:01:08] Error connecting to voice server: Connect failed (Forbidden - ) [22:01:08] Disconnected from network.
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