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  1. Thanks @Michael Mund-Hoym! I can see my new member rating in MyVatsim and successfully connected to the Discord and vPilot! Cheers!
  2. Hey @Mats Edvin Aaro, thanks for taking a peak and notifying the tech staff. I haven't heard anything yet, are you able to see if they've looked at it yet? Should i open a ticket with support (https://support.vatsim.net/)? Thanks in advance, Deanna
  3. Last weekend (7 days ago, so well over 24 hours) i went through the New Member Orientation (all 4 parts) and completed the exam. When i submitted the exam it took a very long time for the next page to load and i was presented with a timeout error. However when i went to the My Exams section in MyVatsim i can see the completed exam, leaving me to think was successful. However now i'm having some problems. When i log into MyVatsim i'm still present with a pop-up reminder to complete the new member orientation. I've tried logging out and back in several times and this does not
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