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  1. 5. RELEVANT BACKGROUND TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION DOCUMENTS: (for those who want to do some more digging themselves) ICAO Doc4444 (C16) : "PANS-ATM, Procedures for Navigation Services – Air Traffic Management" This document defines all high-level global and technical standards ICAO Doc9705: "Manual of technical provisions for the aeronautical telecommunication network (atn)" ICAO Doc9880: "Manual on detailed technical specifications for the aeronautical telecommunication network (atn) using iso/osi standards and protocols" These documents defines a lot of technical specifications of
  2. 4. ALL ATS-MESSAGES HAVE A PRE-DEFINED MESSAGE-CONTENT-FORMAT (This was the information I was looking for): "Message formats" define strict (data-entry) rules about what type of information one can enter into which specific ATS-message field. EXAMPLES - ICAO - Flightplan fields: https://www.icao.int/EURNAT/Other%20Meetings%20Seminars%20and%20Workshops/FPL%202012%20ICAO%20EUR%20Region%20Plan/Documentation%20related%20to%20FPL%202012%20Amendment/Amendment%201%20Doc4444.EN.pdf EXAMPLES - EUROCONTROL - ADEXP message definition document: https://www.eurocontrol.int/sites/default/files/p
  3. 3. ATS MESSAGES CAN BE ENTERED INTO / RETRIEVED FROM AN ATHMS NETWORK BY USING A TERMINAL: - They can be entered 100% manually as in hand-typed - They can be send/retrieved automatically by connected computer systems EXAMPLE: SCREENSHOTS OF A REAL-LIFE AFTN TERMINAL http://flightatm.com/aftn-terminal-screen-shots/
  4. 2. ATS MESSAGES TRAVEL FROM A TO B OVER AN ATMHS NETWORK WHICH USES A X400 ADDRESSING SCHEME: "ATHMS" stands for "Air Traffic Services Handling System". In its essence: This AMHS works in the same way as your sent-emails get automatically forwarded by various globally spread email-servers over the Internet - to somebody else email-inbox. EXAMPLES OF A REAL LIFE AMHS http://en.monitorsoft.ru/products/amhs/ SLIDESHOWS ON AMHS: https://www.slideserve.com/vartan/amhs-ats-message-handling-system https://www.slideserve.com/dpage/faa-ground-to-ground-atn-implementation-plan-powerpoint-ppt
  5. SHORT SUMMARY OF MY DISCOVERY (for those who are interested in what goes behind the computer-screens on in the wonderful world of ATC). 1. WHAT ATC-ERS AND PILOTS CALL A [FLIGHTPLAN] IS ICT-TECHNICALLY SEEN AN [ATS MESSAGE]: "ATS" stands for "Air Traffic Control Service" message. There are various types of ATS messages, from which a [flightplan] is just 1 of them. EXAMPLE OF A RAW (BEHIND THE SCREENS) ATS MESSAGE: A filed flightplan message sent by London airport to Shannon, Shanwick and Gander centres: FPL-ACA101-IS –B773/H-CHOV/C –EGLL1400 –N0450F310 L9 UL9 STU285036/M082F3
  6. UPDATE ON MY QUEST: (Wednesday 28-april-2021) Problem solved: I've found what I was looking for, and learned a whole lot more along the way. Here are the links to the relevant source documents which have provided me the answers: ICAO: "DOC444$, AMENDMENT NO. 1 TO THE PROCEDURES FOR AIR NAVIGATION SERVICES AIR TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT FIFTEENTH EDITION — 2007" (page A3-2)" ICAO DOC4444 - Amendement 1 EUROCONTROL: "EUROCONTROL Specification for ATS Data Exchange Presentation (ADEXP), ANNEX A – ADEXP FIELD DEFINITIONS (NORMATIVE)" EUROCONTROL - ADEXP Technical messages specifications
  7. @Magnus Thank you for providing the correct flight-plan example. Thanks for the feedback on this topic. Since I can remember it was a lo000oong time ago somewhere, when I was also flying on the (FPI and) IVAO networks. So I guess this automatic disconnection must have happened on IVAO then.
  8. NOTE TO VATSIM FORUM ADMINS: Our VATSIM former currently has no 'dedicated (software) developer section as far as i can see. So that is why I choose to post my question over here. Feel free to move this posting to the correct sub-forum and please notify me about this Hello to all software developers in the VATSIM community I am looking to find the exact data-dictionary / exact field-data specifications of the RAW ICAO flightplan format. QUESTION: Do you have hint for me about: - Which organization has defined the raw flight-plan (exchange) data standard: (UN?/ ITU?/ ICAO? /
  9. @Magnus "If you are all VFR you could also just not file a FP. " That's new (for me), I've never heard of this option before! "In the UK it's referred to as "booking out" if you depart a controlled airport VFR without a filed FP and some S1/S2 controllers might be a bit confused by it" Is this technically possible on VATSIM network (now)? since I remember that - a few years ago - I forgot to file my flightplan (via the Vpilot-client) And a few minutes later I got a kind of "automatically disconnected" with an error-message telling that "I did not have filed a flight-plan"? "Don
  10. @Connor - Thank you for your clear explanation. Regarding your "flightplan:item 18 RMK/": I've been looking for an exact flightplan-field-18 /RMK definition over here: - https://www.icao.int/MID/Documents/2012/infpl_sg4/ip04.pdf - https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/media/aim.pdf - https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/atpubs/aim_html/index.html - https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/atpubs/fs_html/appendix_a.html - https://www.eurocontrol.int/sites/default/files/2021-03/eurocontrol-ifps-users-manual-25.pdf - https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headq
  11. Good morning fellow VATSIM aviators. Introduction: In order to - challenge myself to fly something (completely) different, - getting away from the usual "main airport A to main airport B VFR/IFR flights" - and getting "back to my (vfr) flying basics", I decided to download this aircraft: Cessna 208 "Caravan" Floatplane variant. - https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/9902/fsx-cessna-c208-amphibian-update/ (FSX version) - https://www.wipaire.com/aircraft_page/cessna-caravan-series/ (real-life) B - Now I encounter a brand new "flight-planning challenges" like the o
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